Dr. A M Khairul Islam (MD,MPH)
BSGHLAB Volunteer

Dr. A M Khairul Islam (MD,MPH) is a general physician and public health worker from Bangladesh. Following my internship, he had the opportunity to begin my career as a physician in a COVID-19 dedicated hospital right away.

 In addition to my clinical expertise and experience, he has worked with international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that actively assessed and tested evidence-based treatments created for contexts with limited resources in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). He has been working to secure better health rights of transgender individuals in Bangladesh, as well as those from the Hill Tracts and Rohingya refugees. My own experience has shown me how these disadvantaged groups encounter intersectional stigma, social vulnerability, and location-related challenges while attempting to get HIV and sexual health treatments which has inspired me to work toward improving the situation. His objective is to gain information in the field of HIV prevention concerning cutting-edge and practical tactics to lessen health inequalities, interventions to lessen risk behaviors and intersectional stigma, enhanced testing, PreP use, and treatment compliance.