Authors: Olakunle A Oginni, Adedotun Ogunbajo, Temitope O Oke, Olanrewaju Ibigbami, Kehinde Okanlawon, Ibidunni O Oloniniyi, Gamji Rabiu Abu-Ba'are, Boladale M Mapayi, Kolawole S Mosaku.

Publication date: 2023/4/20

Journal: Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity.

Publisher: Educational Publishing Foundation

Description: Sexual minority individuals report higher COVID-19-related stress that may mediate higher psychological distress. However, this relationship and the role of social support have not been investigated in low/middle-income settings like Nigeria. Our study tested independent associations of psychological distress with sexual orientation, COVID-19-related stress, and perceived social support and whether perceived social support moderated these relationships. In an online survey, 966 Nigerians (21.7% sexual minority, n= 210) were assessed for sexual orientation, COVID-19-related stress, and perceived social support, and psychological distress. Sexual minority status was associated with higher COVD-19-related stress (r=. 13, 95% CI [0.06, 0.19]), perceived social support (r=. 07,[0.01, 0.13]), and psychological distress (r=. 09,[0.02, 0.17]). Furthermore, we demonstrated two moderation effects: psychological distress …

Scholar articles: Perceived social support as a protective factor against psychological distress in the context of COVID-19-related stress and sexual minority status in Nigeria. OA Oginni, A Ogunbajo, TO Oke, O Ibigbami… - Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity, 2023

Perceived Social Support as a Protective Factor Against Psychological Distress in the Context of COVID-19-Related Stress and Sexual Minority Status in Nigeria