Member Of The Panelist At The Aortic Africa 2023 Conference

Our Principal Investigator Gamji Rabiu Abu-Ba’are, PhD, MA participated as a panelist during the AORTIC- Africa 2023 conference at Dakar-Senegal, where he discussed how masculine gender norms and sexual expectations affect HIV prevention and care and how that maybe applicable to the context of cancer care for men at high risk of cancer.

AORTIC is an African based non-governmental organisation that is dedicated to cancer control and palliation in Africa. Our Executive members are high profile experts in the cancer field who volunteer as knowledge workers for the plight of cancer patients in Africa. We strive to unite the African continent in achieving its goal of better outcomes for cancer patients in Africa, and seek to make a positive impact throughout the region through collaboration with health ministries and global cancer fighting organisations.

To date, AORTIC is actively connected to the global community, with a vast electronic database as well as paper and electronic newsletters sent out quarterly in English, French and Portuguese. AORTIC has been represented at a number of cancer related conferences around Africa and the world and held its very successful 12th International conference in Maputo, Mozambique, entitled "Cancer in Africa: Strategies, Innovation, Implementation" in November 2019. The conference attracted over 1,000 delegates from 60 countries on the African Continent & Globally. CONGRATULATIONS ON THIS HONOUR.