Assess ISD, behavioral (e.g., substance use, sex work, condom use), and place-based (e.g., resources, social issues) factors that impact behavioral and sexual health outcomes for at-risk groups, including sexual and gender minorities, adolescents, sex workers, and people who use drugs.


Share research results to; (i) Improve understanding of how to address risk behaviours, ISD, and place-based factors that impact the sexual and mental health outcomes of vulnerable populations. (ii) Foster positive behavioural changes and encourage higher rates of STI/HIV prevention (including testing, PrEP, and reduced substance) and medication adherence (like ART) within these at-risk groups.


Develop or modify interventions to reduce ISD and the impact of place-based issues to improve behavioral and sexual health outcomes at both the population at-risk level and at the healthcare provider level.


Assist in the growth of independent investigators by offering academic and research collaborations with current investigators and mentorship to graduate students and early investigators who are interested in substance use and other behavioural issues, HIV and sexual health, and global health.